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For us it is all about finding that moment of insight when every detail in the room clicks. The perfect balance between trends and features that make your interior unique. Between modern simplicity and chic vintage furniture. We find the details that are missing and create beautifully crafted interiors. Always with carefully selected colors and lighting. Whether you are furnishing your entire home, a public environment, or just need a smaller consultancy service, you have come to the right place.

The Chromarty takes pride in creating spaces that do not necessarily correspond to what is currently trending, neither do we adhere to what feels safe and familiar. However, we bring rooms to life, and create narratives that over time, become part of the inhabitants biography.


  • Style choices for your interior.

  • Colour scheme and lighting.

  • Detailed drawings and plans.

  • Styling and decorating.

  • Guidance regarding what should be added or removed from your interior.

  • Sourcing vintage furniture, art and unique pieces.

  • Sourcing of materials, any budget given.

  • Collaborations with certified interior architect when necessary.





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The Flandorfers wanted to do something with their own home, but not in order to ‘keep up with the Johnsons’ so to speak. They wanted a change that would make coming home from work or inviting friends over that much more welcoming. A change of atmosphere that would function as a reminder, after a long day at work for example, that theirs was a home and not just a house. A space to share a meal in warmer surroundings, on a dining sofa perhaps, feet up, the pressure off. Come home.

Add to this, they were open to anything….just about.Their eldest daughter had one wish, and one wish only for the upcoming makeover. A walk-in closet just to herself. Up til then, her clothes were stuffed into a cabinet with the whole family’s national costumes AND the boiler.
Now, instead of throwing up a dry-wall with some IKEA Pax cabinets behind, we decided to have a room built within her bedroom.

The starting point was an old door from Vøyen Gård, and a vision of large, deep shelves to house all her mess.
Add to this, the exterior of one of the walls was to double as a bedhead in the room proper. Given that this was to be a solution for the long-term and not some quick fix, we drew our inspiration from the simplicity of the shaker style for the panelling. Thanks to Klever&Backe’s sincere interest and willingness to experiment with solutions beyond the scope of the ordinary together with the Chromarty team, we’d say it was quite a success!

 Happy daughter -happy parents!


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WHO: A former editor of various newspapers, journals and magazines. Spends her time with literature, going to the library, with visual art, collecting and perusing exhibitions, the theatre and watching movies at the cinema. Preferably at Gimle. Whatever time is left when she is not at work or on her white painted el-bicycle, she travels.

When she, a couple of years ago, decided to leave home (as her children were already out of the nest to go study abroad and in the North of Norway), she wanted a brand new apartment. She wanted a place that required very little upkeep so as to give her more time to enjoy it in her own way. No more mowing the lawn or shuffling snow.
The downside however, of buying a modern apartment in a newbuild, is the lack of character on the inside. She wanted to create an altogether personal space, so rather than make use of the developers alternative choices at an extra cost, she hired a helping hand from The Chromarty to maximise the potential of the space. We got in early in the process so as to avoid the developers putting in standard features that she would later have to discard.
By removing a wall, one of the bedrooms was made into a cosy TV corner/library, and the room more or less included in the bigger allroom and communal space. She had the option to choose her own wall colours and the flexible entrepeneur let her make changes to the standardised kitchen.  Then she dreamt about a certain type of floor and this kind of a tile, but quickly realised that it was going to be too expensive and had to make do with what was actually possible..

She treated herself with some electrical work, which was important to get done before the walls were closed and painted. This way, she got some extra wall lamps with hidden leads, perfectly placed considering where mirrors and tiles etc were going to be at a later stage.  A set of extra plugs inside cabinets and in the kitchen, and outside lighting on the large balcony, were all done during the construction process. Taps and mixers were changed for classic Arne Jacobsen ones and cabinets built into the walls. The kitchen which usually is put together by standard units and wall cabinets, was placed on one wall made up entirely by tall units, fridge and freezer hidden, and only workunits with tiled walls all the way up to the ceiling. All cabinets and drawers had new brass knobs instead of steel. The light and easy worktop is made of Dekton, a natural material of compressed sand which can take all kinds of spillage, acid and heat.

There were few changes made, but all in all the ones that were suggested and seen through, have made all the difference. Add to that the choices in furniture, some reupholstery of old sofas and chairs, getting rid of surplus during the moving process and curating her artworks with our assistance, the client’s apartment has come together and suggests stylish, clean and easy living in a high rise.


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It was the private garden that did it for them, when they, a year ago became owners of an apartment in a 100 year old wooden house. The garden was there, but the kitchen they had in mind, wasn’t.

-We like to think that we have green fingers, even though we are both well-indoctrinated city slickers.
Their acute need to get dirt under their nails and their boots all mudded up, took them by surprise a couple of years ago. This need, as the Norwegians say, ‘to stick their fingers in the earth’, brought them to the edge of the city, and halfway into the suburbs in search of a garden. Being in a central location just didn’t seem to cut it anymore, and number one on their list was the chance to have a fabulously big kitchen with direct access to a garden. A garden for growing and cultivating vegetables, herbs, plants, berries, flowers and whatnot. Oh, and to have a bit of peace and quiet. They locked in an auto-search on finn.no for just over a year, before the perfect match entered their lives. Well almost…

The kitchen left everything to the imagination. That particular criteria had not been fulfilled.
Even though the framing was right, the existing kitchen was not much to boast about, with little character and functionality - it was also placed in a narrow nook with almost no natural light entering. With guidance from The Chromarty, they decided to open up the entire floor, remove an excess bathroom and build a brand new kitchen at the opposite end of the ground floor.
– With the layout as it is today, we have direct access to the garden through the kitchen, and a kitchen, which really is the heart of our home. At the same time, the couple installed glass doors to provide privacy to the lounge area and separate it from the kitchen. Now, we get the best of both worlds! Not only has it created a more spacious and airy sensation, but by letting the light shine through, it has changed the character of the light entirely.

Now, the interior is meticulously thought out, (almost) complete, classic and sophisticated. The colour usage is minimal with the appearance of muted green tones and contrasting colours.
The Chromarty has recommended durable materials like leather, natural fabrics, wood and stone.
-In auctions and antiques-markets, we have found classics and design icons, which in some cases have received a small upgrade. Others have been with us for decades. You can get a lot of wear out of a piece of furniture if you only use your creativity and expertise.

The couple is very pleased with the collaboration with The Chromarty, adhering to their suggestion that they bring with her the timeless pieces they’d acquired over the years, despite fluctuating trends.
-I have never used lots of colours, but I like wood, plants and art. I prefer to shop second hand items and I like good furniture with patina. Our interior is not made up from a one-stop shop. It is slow decoration so to speak, and we are taking our time. These days we are thinking about and enjoying the search of that specific picture to hang on the wall by the stairs. A big one! Or maybe many small ones in a group. I don’t know.. we have the Chromarty looking for us as well.

The kitchen units are from IKEA, and has been upgraded with spray-coated fronts in NCS colour
8502-B. As a warm contrast to the otherwise cold colour scheme, the tall cabinets have got new doors in oak from Studio 10. The countertop is in composite stone, and the metro tiles are in a sober green tone.




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