The Chromarty was founded by two Norwegian women with a simple mission - to create a space, in which to share inspiring triggers across a wide array of subjects.


Making use of the experience gleaned over the last ten years as professional photographers, writers and creators, working in the fields of contemporary art, interior design and magazine production, The Chromarty aims to be an evolving platform, bridging spur of the moment interests with in-depth pieces about inspiring people, places and topics.

Like each and every one of the one-off or limited edition objects that will be sold and featured in its online storefront, The Chromarty tells a story. While uncompromising in its quest to present only those people, places, objects and stories that keep in line with
The Chromarty’s own set of values, it views generosity, credibility and thoroughness as founding principles. The Chromarty promises to communicate openly and honestly with its readers and visitors throughout the fluctuating seasons, and takes pride in viewing candy and nourishment as two sides of the experiential coin, presenting weightier topics alongside the more fleeting.

In addition to bringing in guest contributors to represent other angles, The Chromarty family will offer creative services such as interior design consultancy, photographic services and a showroom for rare objects of desire.