The Homstvedts in New York

The Chromarty was with Interior architect Stine C Homstvedt and visual artist Håvard Homstvedt in their previous home in NY. Quite recently the couple moved to Nesodden, an island situated just a brief ferry ride from downtown Oslo. Having spent many years prior to that in the bustling Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bushwick, the abovementioned move actually entailed a much longer odyssey.

The Chromarty could have visited the couple in their new old house situated by the sea, but we simply don’t want to let go of their Brooklyn house/studio/workshop/family home just yet…

Before Stine laid her hands on the building, it used to be a factory. Being an interior-architect, it didn’t take long before she realised that this old set-up had the potential to become their future family-home, AND an enormous workspace for her artist-husband Håvard, who often works in large formats, and moves between making paintings, prints, sculptural works and installations. Håvard wanted to eat his lunch at home, so the main challenge when looking for a new home in the metropolis was to find a space that would accomodate both a factory-style workspace, and a family-home.

 As Stine had her own practice as an interior architect to run, and their family was growing, the couple did not do the renovation all in one go. Instead, they took their time, allowing for the work to develop organically.

The tall ceilings, the enormous all-room with its play of light all day long contrasting with the dark kitchen interior or finding its way into the creamy, delicate bathroom puts us in mind of sacred spaces, stripped of all but the necessities.

In the childrens’ rooms, Stine brought in fun details for them to share with their friends, and the same playfulness is visible  on the gallery wall above the kitchen work tops which are covered in art by Håvard’s fellow colleagues as well as his own, and the big open space which also functions as an extension of a playroom with toys living their lives both here and there. Contrast with this, the master bedroom, where calm and serenity prevail.