The Estate Agent’s Own


The Chromarty first met Hildegunn a couple of years back when photographing her apartment for an interior magazine. Shortly after that, as fate would have it, she was selling the very same apartment, and asked our permission to use some of the images in order to convey not just the spaciousness and facilities of the rooms, but the ‘atmosphere’. Designers Kråkvik & D’orazio came up with a lovely colour scheme of powdered nuances in blue, grey and green, which enhanced the inherent qualities of the apartment and emphasized the tall ceilings. Together with her own ideas about how to distill the space down to its very essence, the pictures turned out just as elegant as their subject. Yes, Hildegunn is an estate agent at Privatmegleren Allé by day, but her interest in creating comfortable rooms to live in, paying careful attention to tactility and an aesthetics of emotion, is more than average to put it gently. And yet, when meeting her again, a few years on when one of our girlfriends living in Tøyen had decided to sell her apartment, she was to the point, realistic, precise and fast. She worked tirelessly as if the home for sale were her own. Then, a few weeks back, our paths crossed again, as The Chromarty had been commissioned to make a particularly enticing set of images for an actor who had just upgraded his functionalistic bachelor-pad and equipped it with high-end long lasting materials and furniture from Oslo Deco, before placing it on the property market.

WORDS: The Chromarty
PHOTOS: The Chromarty