The Island, Oslo


The Island is the brainchild of art-dealer, gallerist and curator Christian Torp, a contemporary art gallery and exhibition project based in Oslo and for the moment leading a kind of nomadic existence.

The gallery’s services include an increasingly diverse repertoire of projects, exhibitions and collaborations with artists, other curators, collectors and various cultural institutions. The Island is dedicated to showing young talents, as well as internationally established artists such as Ivan Galuzin, Marthe Ramm Fortun, Lilja Wyller, Henrik Olai Kaarstein and Sebastian Helling.

Located in various temporary spaces, The Island approaches the established rules and dogmas of exhibition production head on, guerilla style. According to Christian, the notion of islands seeks to shift attention away from the stylized venues that constantly compete for power on the contemporary art-scene. The Island, or Gallery Christian Torp is most certainly one of the places to look for the next big thing on the contemporary art-scene.

WORDS: The Chromarty
PHOTOS: The Island/Christian Torp

Choice of matter, Ivan Galuzin, installation view

Choice of matter, Ivan Galuzin, installation view

Pavlov´s Dog, 2016, Sebastian Helling